Flavored Sea Moss Gel

Flavored Sea Moss Gel


Hand-Crafted Carribean Sea Moss Gel.

Seamoss is known for having 92 vitamins and minerals out of the 102 that your body is made of.

Benefits include:

- Boosts Immune System

- Rids the body of mucus

- Healthier lungs/improved breathing

- Purifies blood

- Helps regulate blood pressure

- Increases energy

- Aids in women's health

- Improves sleep

- Healthier hair, skin, nails, and teeth

- Combats halitosis

- Assists with allergies

- Better modds/mental health

- Helps with joint/muscle pain

- Helps alleviate digestive issues

- Aids in thyroid health

- Improves sexual performance

... and much more!


  • Care Instructions

    Be sure to refrigerate once opened.

    Sea Moss does not expire, however the flavored gel because the fruit will naturally ferment over time the recomended shelf life is 4-6 weeks per 16 oz. jar.