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About Ashley Irae

Debut album “Love Iration”, released August 9th, 2019. Ashley IRAE is a Neo- Soul Reggae RnB Singer/songwriter and musician born in Southern California and based in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Organically having deep connection to roots and culture livity and music, Ashley's voice has always been influenced and rooted in soulful, melodic and lyrically meaningful messages. "It's all about the message in the music for me. African based rhythms, Soul, RnB, and jazz have always had a strong resonance within my spirit; music is medicine when you know and realize that, you can create from anything with soul.", Ms. Irae states. "I know a big portion of my purpose through music is to break ancestral chains and bring unity among races of men and women combined. Although not an easy task, no legendary message and change was ever left without tremendous amounts of overcoming struggle and pain," Ashley proclaims.


Her soulful angelic voice opens people's hearts combined with conscious messages to uplift people's spirits.


Most recently, Ashley Irae has released an RnB Single entitled "Real Love" which is building fans at a more rapid pace. Ashley Irae has played shows internationally and is currently working on booking festivals as she continues to push out more music & visual content. Miss Irae has worked with Crowntown Records, Optimus Prott, Independent Record Labels from Trinidad, and Atown Records in Jamaica on her debut album "Love Iration". In 2019 she released a female collaboration album with Female live dub creator and selektress Soultry Dubs entitled "Soultry Sound". The debut single from her first album Love Iration entitled “Beauty Queen” was released at the end of September in 2018 with Official Music Video Available on YouTube and Vevo. This song created an initial Fan Base and captured hearts and continues to inspire woman all around the world emphasizing the importance of loving yourself instead of looking to someone else to fill the void. 


She has since released singles including being a part of a UK based Riddim with 3 other artists on the riddim as well as collaborations with other artists.

She is currently working on her next EP projects as well as a solo acoustic EP on the way.

Ashley Irae stands for truth, harmony, balance, and authenticity overcoming life's struggles through the power of vibration. Word. Sound. Power.

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